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Why our Dope Soap is better than store-bought soap

It could be a reoccurrence of natural essentials. Still, bar soaps have evolved a lot since the heavyweight, excessively fragrant ones your grandma used to have in her bathroom. Nowadays, homemade soaps can be fashioned with natural, skin-nurturing ingredients!

Our user-friendly type of melt-and-pour dope soap is an additional benefit of these homemade soaps. This method makes it straightforward to quickly make first-class soap bars with deluxe appearances, aromas, and textures, all of which can be modified with an extensive diversity of artistic potential. Here is why our dope soap is better than store-bought soap: 

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Handmade dope soap covers all its natural glycerin.

Commercial soap manufacturers put a lot of chemicals into their products. But you wouldn’t think they would spend time eliminating beneficial materials from it, but they are! Glycerin is a naturally arising byproduct of the saponification procedure. That’s the chemical reaction that we term soap making. Glycerin pulls moisture from the air to your skin, leaving your skin smooth and nourished.

So what do commercial soap producers do with the glycerin they eliminate from their soap? They sell it individually or use it in an additional product—lotion! Yes, they take one decent bar of soap, remove the moisturizer, and advertise it as an additional product. And it may contain damaging chemicals. 

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Handmade soap utilizes crucial natural oils.

Commercial store-bought soaps are frequently perfumed with chemicals. Handmade men's soap is unadulterated in its true unpolluted form. It washes and nourishes naturally without eradicating your skin’s natural beneficial oils. Most soap makers, nevertheless, use all-natural essential oils in their place. These oils have actual beneficial properties. For instance, tea tree oil is an accepted antimicrobial. And lavender oil helps you unwind. Citronella deters stinging insects, whereas peppermint is astringent.

Handmade soap reserves the natural oils

The coconut oil and additional natural skin-nourishing oils we use essentially stay in handmade soap to shield and heal your skin as you would expect.

Commercial soaps cover toxic chemicals.

Even if you discover a bar of real soap at the store, there may be more than that excellent. Numerous commercial soaps have been unheard of with chemical-based colorants, perfumes, lathering agents, preservers, and additional chemicals.

Their artificial ingredients dry out, age skin, reason allergic reactions, and have been related to numerous types of cancer. A few commercial soaps even embrace triclosan, which can endorse cancer!

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