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Wash Dem Hands

Let’s face it – none of us like blowing our hard-earned cash on a product that’s not going to give us the amazing results we’ve always wanted! However, finding the perfect men soap products can seem like a damn nuisance sometimes! With this thought in mind, you might want to give dope soap a try instead. It’s a world away from those generic soap products that leave your skin feeling rough and unpleasant and sore. Go on – discover our Dope Soap collection and see how our homemade soap can transform

What Makes Our Dope Soap Men’s Soap Range So Awesome?

You’ve got a lot to think about. So, chances are, you probably don’t even consider how the right bar of soap could transform your hand washing experience. Look, we won’t get offended – we know that there’s a lot else on your plate! Still, once you discover our Dope Soap products for the first time, we’re pretty confident you’ll be amazed by the amazing results.

So, what makes our Dope Soap men’s homemade soap collection so great? Well, we think the following three points are crucial:

  • Amazing scents: Forget about rubbish, artificial chemical scents that smell nothing like the real deal. Our Dope Soap includes some of the most amazing scents around, from authentic Autumn fallen leaves to Sweet Tobacco, Avocado, Lemon, Petals, Vanilla, Chestnut, and more. There’s really a scent for everyone!

  • Awesome ingredients: We wanted to make our bar soap with the best possible homemade soap ingredients. Many of our awesome soaps include coconut oil, canola, soybean, olive pomace, and sunflower oils and organic shea butter to really treat your skin. Don’t let chapped hands be your reality – they suck!

  • Lasts for ages: Don’t spend loads of money just to have your bar of soap run out in a few days! Our awesome Dope Soap is homemade with care, so you know your men’s soap bar will last – and give you great value as a result.

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