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In the Test Lab (shower)

Anyone can look at a bar of soap and noticed that its soap.  What makes our soap different is that you can see the difference.  You can see the lather, smell the fresh scent and know your getting a great product.  We try to take it a step further and show you why we have Some DopeSoap. 

Want to be a Lab Tester and get a free full size bar to try.  Message us!

(The following reviews can't be shown on FB. )

Jaimi's first soap review, she always kills her shoots and 


WildFire From OnlyFans, showing us how well that soap Lathers! 

Which Soap did she use? 


Mac Coming in with another Perfect Review

How did she like Strawberry Champagne? Watch to find out. 


First Time Reviewer with Spiced Cider.

How did she like it? Watch to find out. 

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One of my Shower Reviews of the Dope Soaps

My Wife is in the Test Lab with one of our new soaps. 

Pumpkin Spice Soap

New soap rest and a shower bomb review. You got to check it out.

Fun fact! Open your shower bomb before you get in the shower. It tastes like shit.



New soap and shower steamer review! Check out the video to see what I’m up to!

Eucalyptus shower bomb and End of the Rainbow

In the test lab with my soap 1980. It’s an amazing soap that has actual ash from the mount saint Helen eruption.

A little soap review from Amber. We love the vibe of this review

We made a red citrus soap that smells amazing, how does it lather.. Watch and see. 

Red Sky


New soap testing and maybe some shower bomb good ness.

Orange Citrus

In the Test Lab  with a special Guest! MY WIFE! 

Lemongrass Sage soap Glycerin Base with Patchouli hemp seed oil 

Test Lab Review of with a really good soap that I really didn’t think know was going to like

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