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I know buying things on the internet are sometimes weird and can also suck.  We want you to be comfortable about your decision to buy your soap from us.  Check out some of the reviews, sniff tests and words directly from our clients!

We got our soaps stocked in the amazing little cafe/store. I love it!
Check out Bailiwick

Last seasons Seasonal holiday soaps from Some DopeSoap!

Check out Santa and the elves, and see what's was new in the shop.

NEW Lakewater Soap

Our Favorite Soap, ADK

Wrapping up our African Shea Soap

Accessories that came in today

Confetti Bath Bomb Review

Last year we had our commercial for some Halloween DopeSoap

Talking about our Love Spell Soap

The Making of Eucalyptus and Mint Soap

Pumpkin Sugar Scrub

Wrapping Love Spell

Aiden's Rainbow Sherbert

Peach Tea Review

Client Reviews

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