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Have that one friend that you just love to fuck with? We usually all do. Now 
you can do it with SOAPDICKS! 

We have the most delicious scents of Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge or Coconut. You can send them to your friends yourself,  through us anonymously, or keep those amazing little bastards for yourself.  

Enough talk, lets see those pretty soaps. 

Watch Some videos and reviews!! 

Always wash your hands

Wash your hands with friends?

My good friend making sure she stays clean and has freshly washed hands

Vanilla SoapDick

Chocolate SoapDick

Some Dope Soap Chocolate Soap Dick

Coconut SoapDick

Box of Dicks

Some Dope Soap Coconut Soap Dick
Some Dope Soap Box Of Dicks

We can also do custom orders too! 


(Apple Harvest, Orange, Vanilla, Forrest Pine, and Lavender shown above)


(I called them Hulk Dicks)

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