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5 Reasons Why Some DopeSoap Is the Way to Go

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Soap is not very exciting, at least, it wasn’t very exciting. Now, with our melt and pour technique, soap has actually become something worth showing off. Strange, I know. But hear me out.

1. No Lye

First off, our melt and pour process has no lye. Lye is a chemical that is often used in the soap-making process that is not the safest chemical in the world. For one, it reaches close to boiling temperature as soon as it is mixed with a liquid such as water.

Secondly, the fumes from lye are like the nasty fumes from onions that make you tear up. On top of that, they aren't the safest fumes to inhale either.

That is why we at Dope Soap decided to take a different route and make melt and pour soaps instead which favors a more natural soap-making process that you can get through tear-free.

2. Usable After 48 Hours

Most manufactured soap can take weeks before they can be used. During that time, all the chemicals these large companies use are settling down. On the other hand, with our melt and pour process, our soaps can be used in just 48 hours.

Homemade Dope Soap, based out of Port Byron, NY. The best in Men's bar Soap.
Homemade ADK, Lake Water, and Bombfire

3. Vegan Based

Who knew that soap can be vegan based? Well, our soap is but we wouldn’t recommend giving it a taste!

4. Homemade Soap

Where large companies opt for manufacturing equipment along with a plethora of chemicals to make their soaps, our soaps are homemade—fresh out of the expensive crockpot! Each of our soaps was crafted with a human touch to ensure a unique look and a wonderful product.

5. Beautiful

Melt and pours soaps have another leg up on the competition in that they actually look and smell good. Instead of getting a solidified rock of chemicals, our soaps use a combination of natural ingredients to create great-looking and smelling soap such as our Raspberry Zinger, Sweet Tobacco, Toasted Pumpkin, and our countless others. So, why not buy soap that not only gets the job done, but does so with a little pizzazz and a fresh scent?

Our Soap

Our Dope Soap is available online or you can come visit our local store in Weedsport NY. If you’re looking for “men soap” or more aptly named “manly soap” then you should try out our Strong Coffee, Butt Naked, or even our Cedarwood and Tea Tree because who doesn’t want to smell like wood in the morning? Or, perhaps, you are a fruity type of guy and would prefer our many fruity choices such as the Berry Sage, Cranberry Spice, or, if you're feeling more festive, the Spiced Cider is a prime choice. Whatever it is, you can be sure of one thing: You will for once come out of the shower smelling like something identifiable instead of some weird manufactured chemical smell that we have all grown accustomed to. So, why not try Dope Soap?

Dope soap, Homemade soap, Men's bar of soap, Woman's soap
Homemade DopeSoap in Weedsport, NY

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