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Some Dopesoap is the best homemade soap

Writing about DopeSoap

It's great seeing photos and all but reading why Some DopeSoap is great really drives home the reason why we do this.  Take a peek and why we have the dope soap or manly soap or just awesome homemade soap. 

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Dope Soap, Man Soap, Manly Soap, Homemade soap

Soap is not very exciting, at least, it wasn’t very exciting. Now, with our melt and pour technique, soap has actually become something worth showing off. Strange, I know. But hear me out.

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It could be a reoccurrence of natural essentials. Still, bar soaps have evolved a lot since the heavyweight, excessively fragrant ones your grandma used to have in her bathroom. Nowadays, homemade soaps can be fashioned with natural, skin-nurturing ingredients!

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